Rogério Peixoto (artistically signs R. Peixoto), a Brazilian national, is an acclaimed visual artist with worldwide recognitions and awards.


He started his career in 1993, designing logos for companies, schools and businesses. He graduated as a technical designer. He is a self-taught visual artist specialized in rural landscape, urban and human figure, both in oil and acrylic canvas. R. Peixoto went through several phases in his career, namely: academic, impressionist and currently modernist.


R. Peixoto developed a unique technique entitled New Arts that has been catching the attention of collectors, galleries, art exhibitors and museums throughout the world due to its uniqueness and attractiveness. The technique consists of a mosaic of wooden blocks strategically placed to create a 3D impression if seen from the front angle—it is a puzzle of art! R. Peixoto would like to further develop this technique and paint on almost any surface creating the most unique pieces of art.


Currently, in addition to participating in exhibitions worldwide as a renowned visual artist, R. Peixoto volunteers with non-profit organizations as a way to give back to the community. R. Peixoto has specially been involved with philanthropic organizations that help children with visual impairments. Although visual arts and visual impairments may sound like a paradox, R. Peixoto developed a unique technique to teach visual impaired children express their emotions and talents through visual arts. R. Peixoto often donates some of his art work for social projects and participates in fund raising programs.


One can find R. Peixoto’s art work in numerous parts of the world, being in galleries, private collections, visual art exhibitions, as well as in possession of international public figures. Below is a summary of R. Peixoto’s most relevant exhibitions, participations and awards.

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